Academic proofreading services of distinction

Our services for students include proofreading and editing the following document types at affordable rates:

  • Essays
  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Journal articles
  • Presentations
  • Research proposals
  • CVs and cover letters

Academic writing is unlike other forms of writing. Tutors and examiners expect certain rules to be followed, and these rules can vary depending on the discipline. Therefore proofreading for students is a specific skill and not all proofreaders can do it effectively.

Fortunately, our team of freelancers are all graduates so they have an excellent understanding of how to write academically. With a variety of academic backgrounds between them, our proofreaders can offer specialist knowledge on a diverse range of subjects, ranging from English Literature and Sociology to Biochemistry and Meteorology.

Whatever you’re studying, we have professional proofreaders on hand to correct your document confidently and competently.

ESL proofreading (for foreign students)

Since Full Proof’s inception in 2004, we have provided high-quality proofreading and editing services for non-native students. In fact, we are arguably the most popular ESL proofreading company in the country, with the vast majority of our customer testimonials coming from foreign students.

We know from our own experience that studying a degree is not easy. It requires hard work, determination and self-motivation. If you’re studying a degree in this country and English is not your first language, it’s even more challenging!

Fortunately, we are here to help you. By correcting your spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, improving your sentence structure and ensuring consistency of style in your work, we will help you achieve the grade you deserve.

Proofreading academic work for publication

If you are worried that your academic paper is not fit for publication due to your standard of writing, let us assist you. As well as proofreading for students, we have helped numerous senior academics, including professors and researchers, get their work published.

If you submit an article to a journal without having it professionally proofread, you are running a high risk of rejection as spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes are simply not tolerated at that level. Let us proofread your work and you’ll stand a better chance of becoming published.

Please note: our academic proofreading service does not include reference checking!

Please be aware that we no longer check references sections in academic documents.