Proof reading rates

Proofreading rates

Unlike many proofreading and editing companies, we don’t have a rigid pricing structure in place. Experience has taught us that it’s fairer to price each job individually. After all, each customer has their own specific needs, and standards of English vary from person to person.

We don’t automatically charge foreign students more than native students, and if your novel is very polished when you submit it to us, we won’t charge you the same rate as someone who sends us an early draft of theirs.

If you’re a first-time customer, we always ask to see your work before we give a definite price. You can send us your document by clicking here.

For a rough indication of price, please refer to our starting rates below:

Copywriting rates

Copywriting projects vary greatly depending on the subject and the client's specific objective, with some jobs requiring much more research than others. We therefore provide bespoke rates for copywriting too. Contact us to tell us exactly what you require and we'll calculate a cost for you.

Alternatively, if you're happy to pay by the hour, our standard hourly rate for copywriting is £30.

How to pay

We accept bank transfer, debit/credit card and cheque payments. For more information, see below.

Bank transfer

You can pay Full Proof by bank transfer, either via online banking or by visiting your local branch. Our bank details are included on your invoice.


If you have a smartphone, you can pay us by using Barclays' Pingit service. Contact us and we'll give you the Full Proof mobile number. That's all you need!

Debit or credit card

We accept a wide range of debit and credit card payments via the secure payment page on our main website, Full Media Ltd.

Cheque payments

We also accept cheque payments. Please contact us for more information.

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