Misspelt job ads are proving costly for employers, says Monster.co.uk

When you’re looking for work, you mustn’t underestimate the importance of proofreading your CV. A CV littered with spelling errors will be fast-tracked to the recruiter’s bin, and rightly so. If a candidate can’t be bothered to invest time and energy on the presentation of their CV, they can’t seriously expect to be offered any interviews, particularly in today’s overcrowded job market.

However, a recent survey by recruitment website Monster.co.uk has revealed that this issue cuts both ways, and many employers are apparently putting off would-be candidates through poorly written job ads. 23% of respondents reported being shocked at the spelling mistakes they’ve seen while trawling for jobs, with one employer seeking a candidate with ‘good attention to dteail’ and another looking for someone ‘capable of ruining an office’.

Amusing though these examples are, the effects of spelling mistakes in job ads could be quite serious. For example, if ¬†they occur in the job titles themselves, those job ads won’t rank highly in search engines and so won’t be found by the people desperately looking for them. This highlights dramatically just how important precise writing can be in getting a message across to a target audience, and how proofreading one’s own work is a valuable skill that everyone, including recruiters, should practise.

About Nick Jones

Nick Jones is a proofreader, editor and copywriter. He is the owner of Full Proof, an editorial company based in Cheshire, UK.

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